Noroccidental Group, Ecuatorian company lead the market of heavy and extra heavy loads´ transport, fluids suction and transport, lifting machinery rental and specialized assemblies. We have expertise in transport engineering and Logistic Projects Packages for oil, mining, energy and industrial sectors.

Transport, lifting and assembling of over-sized cargoes require high standards of professionalism, where our personnel experience and training in addition to our modern equipment are the best guarantee for successful operations and the base of a large record of accomplished projects.


Transportes Noroccidental was founded in 1961.

On its first stage the Company activity was addressed to passengers and small packages transport throughout the hard roads at Northwest Section of Pichincha Province and giving origin to the Company name.

In 1970 beginning of the hydrocarbon activities in Ecuador, thanks to the visionary eye of its founder, all efforts and dedication were focused to offer transport services of materials and supplies and catering to the Oil Companies starting operation at Amazonas Region, becoming one of the pioneer companies of land transport for this Industry and achieving a well-known prestige because of the seriousness and punctuality on the deliveries.

Since then and throughout the years with intense and hard work, the Company has been growing firm. All the opportunities arisen from this new market were attended with high investment on equipment and personnel training.

Nowadays we continue to offer responsible services maintaining the same commitment for excellency toward our clients of the Oil, Energy and Industrial Sectors being active leaders on the performance of important public and private projects and always engaged with the development of our country.
This leadership has been acknowledged also in Colombia and Perú as NOROCCIDENTAL has successfully participated in various projects in both countries.


Providing integrated logistics support, heavy and extra-heavy transportation, heavy lifting and vacuum services for the Oil, Energy and Industrial sectors. To provide each of our services we rely on the most qualified team, state of the art equipments and always comply with rigorous safety and environmental standards, which allow us to over exceed our customer’s expectations.


Transportes Noroccidental Cía. Ltda vision is to continue striving as the leader providers of integrated logistic support, heavy transportation, lifting and fluids suction services. Also as part of our vision we plan on expanding our services abroad in the mid term future.


“Transportes Noroccidental Cia. Ltda”, is a company that offers professional services in integral logistics, transportation of heavy and extra-heavy loads, lifting machinery rental, fluid’s transportation and extraction, for oil, mining, energy, manufacturing and building industries.

Transportes Noroccidental is committed to:

  • Carry out our customer’s requirements and achieve their satisfaction with qualified staff, using advanced equipment passing through strict, technical and operational quality controls.
  • Identify the dangers, evaluate and control the risks of our activities, promoting our workers’ health care, upgrade working conditions and minimize any risk of injuries and occupational diseases.
  • Caring for and improving our workers’ health status and avoid accidents and occupational diseases that could damage their physical and emotional welfare.
  • Respect the current legal regulations and other legal facts valid to Ecuador's Environmental Management, in all our projects and amenities, in order to reduce negative environmental impacts and increase the positive ones.
  • Guarantee the security and control of the operations to prevent illegal acts, corruption and bribery in all procedures and the logistics chain of commerce, generating trust and strengthening the Company’s reputation regarding customers, customs and authorities.
  • Promote a constant improvement of the procedures according to the current regulation and all requirements related to quality, Occupational Health, Environmental and Physical Safety.