Corporate Video

Noroccidental green seal 

Noroccidental in Mining

Noroccidental in Mining

Huascachaca Mines Wind Project

Transportation and lifting engineering

OFFSHORE lifting operation for Assembly of Oil Separator on Gas platform


Bridges transportation and final placement – Ruta Viva

Transportation and final placement – Toachi Pilatón

Energy transformers and reactors transportation

2000 HP Drilling Rig Transportation

Footbridge disassembly (105 Ton.) – Quito Metro

Energy transformer disassembly – 120 ton.

Fluvial transport of Harbin’s electric equipment

Esmeraldas Refinery Repowering Project

Beams placement – Ruta Viva 

Esmeraldas Refinery Repowering 

Esmeraldas Refinery Repowering 

Sopladora Hydroelectric Power Plant equipment

Collas 1 and 2 Bridge Placement 

Guangopolo II Project – Motor Generators (154

Quebrada bridge – El Rosario 

Ecuadorian Mega Construction Projects